How To Set Up G2 Gateway For Remote Control?

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How To Set Up G2 Gateway For Remote Control?

If you want to realize remote control, you have to enable the G2 gateway first, and the steps to set up the G2 gateway are as follows:

Applies to: Smonet Best Smart Door Lock WiFi

Step 1: Plug in the G2 gateway and wait for the indicator to start flashing red and blue alternately.

Step 2: Open the App, find and tap "Gateway".

tap gateway

Step 3: Click "+" on the top right and select "G2(Wi-Fi)".

add gateway

Step 4: Add the gateway and click next when the light flash alternately.

next add gateway

Step 5: Select your gateway and configure your network, and tap "OK" when you're done.


  1. Only support 2.4GHz WiFi, our G2 gateway enables you to remotely unlock your door anywhere anytime.
  2. To ensure best performance, place the gateway within 5m/16 feet from the smart lock and router.
configure network

Step 6: After successful pairing, remote control can be turned on. The gateway indicator will remain flashing blue and a small lock icon will appear on the home page.