How To Install Y1 Smart Door Locks?

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How To Install Y1 Smart Electronic Door Locks?

If you don’t know how to install a smart electronic door lock, here are a few steps to do it the easy way.

Applies to: Y1 Smonet smart door locks

Installation video:

1. Verify Your Door Dimensions

Before installation, confirm your door’s suitability. Check for the following dimensions:

Step 1. Cross bore diameter: 54 mm (2.13 inches)

Cross bore diameter

Step 2. Backset:60 /70 mm (2.36 / 2.76 inches)


Step 3. Door thickness: 38 to 48 mm (1.5 / 1.89 inches )

Y1 Door thickness

Step 4. Edge bore diameter: 24 mm (0.94 inch)

Edge bore diameter

2. Install Electronic Door Lock

Step 1. Install the deadbolt

  • For 60mm backset doors, install the deadbolt without adjustments.
Install the deadbolt
  • For 70mm backset doors, extend the deadbolt length. Rotate the cover upwards, extend the deadbolt, then secure it in place.
Install the deadbolt 2
  • Insert the retracted deadbolt with the word “UP” and up arrow facing upwards.

Note: The arrow on deadbolt must stay up, arrow down is going to fail the installation.

Insert the retracted deadbolt
  • Secure with screws using a Philips screwdriver (not provided).

Parts Required: Deadbolt, Deadbolt Screws, Philips Screwdriver (not provided).

Step 2. Install the Strike Plate

Put the strike pad into the door frame first, and then screw the strike plate in place.

Parts Required: Strike Plate, Strike Pad, Strike Screws, Screwdriver