How To Set A Passcode In The App?

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How To Set A Passcode In The App?

If you don’t know how to set a password in the app, here are a few steps to do it simply.

Applies to: Smonet Best Smart Door Lock

Step 1: Tap "Passcodes".

tap passcodes

Step 2: Generate Passcode.

generate passcode

Step 3: Choose the passcode type.


  1. To generate custom passcode, your phone must be within 5 meters of the lock if not paired with a gateway.
  2. Except the custom passcode, all passcodes are generated randomly.


Permanent passcode


Passcode with a time limit


Passcode that can only be used once


Customized passcode


Passcode that are repeatedly valid on particular days of the week


Delete all other valid passcodes except the administrator passcode.

Step 4: Name the passcode.

name the passcode