How Do I Turn On Passage Mode?

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How Do I Turn On Passage Mode?

“Passage Mode” allows the electronic door locks to remain in normally open mode and not latch. You can usually use this mode when hosting an event or party. Here are the setup steps.

Applies to: Smonet Smart Deadbolt Door Lock

Step 1: Open the App, tap "Settings".

Step 2: Find and click on "Passage Mode".

passage mode

Step 3: Turn on"Passage Mode".

save passage mode

Step 4: Choose the days and time this function works.


  1. When the “Passage Mode” function is enabled, the door remains unlocked and the “Auto Lock” function is disabled.
  2. Unlock the door once to get the mode activated.
choose the day

Step 5: Tap “Save”, Successful setup.

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