How to Clean and Care for Your Automatic Lawn Mower

Table of Contents

How to Clean and Care for Your Automatic Lawn Mower

Keeping your automatic lawn mower robot clean and well-maintained is crucial to ensuring its long-term efficient operation. This article will outline how to clean the main body of the lawn mower automatic and the charging station enclosure to maintain the equipment’s optimal condition and longevity.

Applies to: Smonet Automatic Lawn Mower

1. Clean the Main Body

  • Power off the mower and remove the plug from the mains.
  • Rinse the mower with tap water, and air dry the mower completely.

Note: DO NOT use high pressure washer.

Clean body

2. Clean the Charging Station Chassis

  • Disconnect the charging station from the power supply.
  • Rinse the chassis of charging station with tap water.

Note: Do NOT rinse the head of the charging station.

Clean the Charging Station

3. Clean & Care

  • Clean the exterior of the machine.Remove all grass and debris, especially from the blade disc shield.
  • Turn the mower upside down and clean the blade area and wheels regularly. Use a stiff brush or water to remove compacted grass clippings.
  • Make sure all nuts, bolts and screws are tight to ensure safe working with the garden tool.
  • Periodically check the machine and replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
  • Ensure that only official replacement parts are used.
  • Replace all blades and bolts as a set as required.