How Do I Enable Amazon Alexa Voice Control?

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How Do I Enable Amazon Alexa Voice Control?

Before voice control is enabled, the G2 gateway needs to be paired with the door lock in advance and the “Remote Control” feature needs to be enabled in the “Settings” section of the Next lock App homepage.

Once the preparation is complete, you can follow the steps below to enable Amazon Alexa voice control.

Applies to: Smonet Smart Locks

Step 1: Tap “Menu” icon in Alexa App.

alexa app menu

Step 2: Select "Skill & Games".

skill games

Step 3: Search for "Nextlock".

search nextlock

Step 4: Tap “Enable to use".

enable to use

Step 5: Log into your Next lock account and then choose "Authorize".


If your account is a phone number, please prefix it with the appropriate country code (eg US: +1*****).

log nextlock

Step 6:Tap "Locks".

tap locks

Step 7: Select your lock, Tap" Settings".

alexa settings

Step 8: Turn On "Unlock by app" and "Unlock by voice" in Alexa App.

unlock by app voice