Why Charging Your Pool Skimmers In Winter

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Why Charging Your Pool Skimmers in Winter

Ensuring your automatic pool skimmers operates efficiently during the winter months requires some adjustments to your regular maintenance routine. Here’s a guide to help you maximize the working time of your skimmer when temperatures drop and sunlight becomes less intense.

Applies to: Smonet Pool Cleaning Robots 

Why Winter Charging is Different

During the winter, the amount of sunlight available for charging your pool skimmer’s solar panels decreases significantly. This reduction in sunlight can impact the skimmer’s ability to maintain a full charge solely through solar power.

Recommended Charging Method

To extend the skimmer’s working time during the winter, it’s highly recommended to use the original power adapter for charging. This ensures that the batteries receive a full charge, even when solar power isn’t sufficient.

  • Use the Original Power Adapter: Plug the robot pool skimmers into the power adapter to ensure the batteries are fully charged and ready for use.
  • Monitor Charging Time: In regions with mild winters such as California, Florida, or Arizona, you may still need to extend the charging time due to reduced sunlight. Even in these sunny climates, the skimmer might require longer periods to reach a full charge.

Benefits of Proper Winter Charging

  • Extended Working Time: By ensuring a full charge, your robotic pool skimmers will be able to operate longer and more efficiently, keeping your pool clean even in colder months.
  • Reliable Performance: Regularly using the power adapter to charge the skimmer prevents any interruptions in its operation, providing consistent cleaning performance.
  • Battery Longevity: Proper charging practices help maintain the health of the batteries, thereby extending their lifespan.

Final Tips

  • Regular Maintenance: Apart from charging, regular maintenance of the best pool skimmers, such as cleaning the debris basket and checking for any obstructions, will ensure optimal performance.
  • Storage: If you’re not using the skimmer during the winter months, store it in a dry environment and ensure the batteries are fully charged before storage.

By following these winter charging guidelines, you can keep your swimming pool skimmers running efficiently throughout the season, ensuring your pool remains clean and inviting all year round.