How Our Pool Solar Skimmer Works

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How Our Pool Solar Skimmer Works

Maintaining a clean and pristine pool has never been easier with our advanced solar pool skimmer. Designed with cutting-edge technology, our skimmer ensures that your pool remains debris-free with minimal effort on your part. Here’s a detailed look at how our pool surface skimmer operates to keep your pool in top condition.

Applies to: Smonet Pool Cleaning Robots 

Two Cleaning Modes

Our solar powered pool skimmer offers two versatile cleaning modes to suit your needs:

  • Normal Clean Mode: This is the default setting, providing a thorough and consistent clean of your pool surface. It is perfect for regular maintenance and everyday use.
  • Quick Clean Mode: For a faster and more intense cleaning session, simply short press the power button to switch to quick clean mode. The corresponding indicator light will illuminate to confirm the change. This mode is ideal for when you need to quickly prepare your pool for a swim or a pool party.

Auto Adjust Cleaning Direction

One of the standout features of our pool skimmer is its ability to automatically adjust its cleaning direction. This intelligent functionality ensures that every corner of your pool surface is meticulously cleaned, leaving no spot untouched. The skimmer continuously adapts its path to maximize coverage and efficiency.

Obstacle Avoidance

Our best solar pool skimmer is equipped with advanced radar sensors that enhance its navigation capabilities:

  • Collision Avoidance: When the radar sensors detect obstacles such as pool walls, the skimmer will automatically adjust its movement direction to prevent collisions. This feature protects both the skimmer and your pool from potential damage.
  • Blind Zone and Trap Escape: If the robotic solar pool skimmer enters a blind zone or becomes trapped, it will automatically reverse and turn around. This ensures that the skimmer can navigate out of tight spots and continue its cleaning task without interruption.


With our innovative swimming pool skimmer, maintaining a clean pool has never been more convenient. Its dual cleaning modes, automatic direction adjustment, and advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities ensure that your pool is always ready for enjoyment. Trust our solar pool skimmers to deliver a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort, so you can spend more time enjoying the water.