How To Use Surface Pool Skimmer

Table of Contents

How To Use Surface Pool Skimmer

Applies to: Smonet Pool Cleaning Robots 

Step 1: Fully charge the pool skimmer.


Solar Power: Put the pool surface skimmer robot under direct sunlight. The charging indicator flashes blue during charging and stays solid blue if fully charged.


  • The machine automatically charges under sunlight, regardless of whether it is in the on or off state.
  • In solar power charging mode, the machine will automatically power on when the battery level reaches 80%.

Option 2:

Power Adapter: Use the power adapter to charge the automatic pool surface skimmer for 2-3 hours. The charging indicator flashes blue during charging and stays solid blue with machine beeping if fully charged.


  • When using the power adapter for charging, please ensure that the swimming pool surface skimmer is placed in a cool area and not covered by anything to prevent overheating and damage to internal electrical components.
  • After charging, tighten the charging port to avoid corrosion caused by water intrusion.

Step 2:

Power on the best pool surface skimmer by pressing and holding the power button for 2-3 seconds.

Step 3:

Put the skimmer in the pool, the skimmer starts working in normal clean mode. The propellers and impeller start running with the headlights flashing green.

Step 4:

Remove the skimmer from the pool, then empty and rinse the debris basket.


  • If the pool skimmer runs out of battery during operation, please rechargeit first.
  • Monitor through the window on the solar panel to check the debris collection basket.
  • You can repeat steps 1-4 until the pool surface is thoroughly clean.