How To Unlock Y1 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock?

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How To Unlock Y1 Smart Fingerprint Door Lock?

If you’re wondering how many ways there are to unlock the SMONET Y1 smart fingerprint door lock, this article will tell you.

Applies to: Smonet smart door locks

Option 1: Touch any keys to light up the keypad first, then enter the passcode you have set and press the # key to unlock the door.

Y1 passcode unlokc

Option 2: Use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the door.

Y1 fingerprint unlock

Option 3: Use the smart App on your phone or tablet, and tap the big lock icon to unlock the door.

y1 app unlock

Option 4: Use the keys provided to manually unlock the door.

Option 5: Swipe the IC card to unlock the door.

Option 6: Unlock your door with voice commands using Alexa or Google Home.(Device Gateway Connecton Required)

Y1 voice unlock

Option 7: Remotely unlock the door via app, if the G2 gateway is paired.