How To Share Or Generate A Guest Passcode?

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How To Share / Generate A Guest Passcode?

If you want to share access to your smart door lock with your family or friends, you can use the code to generate a permanent or time-limited code and share it. Below are the steps to generate/share a passcode.

Applies to: Smonet Smart Lock For Door Handle

Step 1: Tap "Passcodes".

H1 tap passcodes

Step 2: Generate Passcode.

Step 3: Choose the passcode type and name the passcode.

H1 generate passcode

Note: To generate custom passcode, your phone must be within 5 meters of the lock if not paired with a gateway.

Here are some illustrations for 6 different codes.


Lasts permanently


Lasts between selected hours


Lasts for one use


Erases all codes on lock


Set your own digits such as 123456 (permanent or timed)


Lasts during scheduled hours weekly