How To Reset The Y2-SF Keyless Entry Deadbolt?

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How To Reset The Y2-SF Keyless Entry Deadbolt?

There are two ways to reset the Y2-SF keyless entry deadbolt, and the following are the specific operations of the two methods.

Applies to: Smonet Keyless Entry Deadbolt

Reset method 1. (Recommend)

Step 1: Take down one battery and wait for 5 seconds.

Step 2: Put the battery back.

Step 3: Long press the reset button for 10s while the keypad lighting up.

Step 4: After hearing "Please input the initialization password", enter 000#.

Step 5: After hearing "Administrator deleted successfully", reset successfully.

Note: If method 1 doesn’t work, please try method 2 or contact customer service for help.

reset method 1

Reset method 2.

Step 1: Uninstall the lock by taking down the battery cover. Take out the 2 screws inside the battery case.

Step 2: Make sure the IC wire is connected and install the batteries back to case.

Step 3: Hold the reset button for 5s (The position is shown below). You'll hear the sound "Input initialization passcode" from the lock.

Step 4: Input 000# on the keypad after the sound. (You'll hear "Administrator deleted successfully", which means reset successfully).

reset method 2
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