How To Install The Y2-SF Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock?

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How To Install The Y2-SF Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock?

The steps to install the Y2 Smart Bio Fingerprint Door Lock are as follows:

Applies to: Smonet Smart Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Installation Video:

1. Measure the Door Size

Make sure door thickness is 1.49-1.88″, door hole diameter is 2-1/8″, measure back set size is 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ with the deadbolt.

measure the door size

2. Adjust the Length of the Deadbolt

Adjust the deadbolt to 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ based on your door back set size.

adjust the length of the deadbolt

3. Install Deadbolt

Fix the deadbolt with 2pcs deadbolt screws, keep the deadbolt in retracted status.

install deadbolt

4. Install Exterior Lock

Route the IC cable below the deadbolt, spindle must be in “vertical” status.


  • Do not inert the key during the installation.
  • Deadbolt must be in unlock position and the spindle must be in “vertical” status.
install exterior lock

5. Fix the Mounting Plate

  • Route the cable through the hole in the mounting plate, word with ‘Cable Hole’ should face outside.
fix the mounting plate
  • Fix the plate with 2pcs mounting plate screws.
2 pcs mounting plate screws

6. Install the Interior Lock

  • Connect the IC cable tightly.
connect the ic cable tightly
  • Rotate the door knob in vertical position and insert the spindle. (Don’t load batteries until lock is completely installed)

insert the spindle

7. Fix Interior Lock

  • Secure the lock with 3pcs interior lock scews.

fix interior lock