How Does the Smonet Electric Lawnmower Work

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How Does the Smonet Electric Lawnmower Work?

This article outlines the advanced features of the Smonet best electric lawnmowers, including automatic mapping, global mowing, spot mowing, obstacle avoidance, auto recharge and resume mowing, rain detection, and edge cutting. These features make the Smonet small electric lawnmower excel in lawn maintenance, offering a more efficient and precise mowing experience.

Applies to: Smonet Electric Lawnmower

1. Automatic Mapping

The mower will automatically create a map by walking around the boundary wire.

You can check the map on the App.

automatic mapping

2. Global (all-area)Mowing

After mapping, the mower will run regular parallel paths for efficient mowing,You can check the mowing progress on the App.

Global (all-area)Mowing

3. Spot Mowing

Lift the mower by its handle. Move the mower to the target spot, activate spot mowing via the app. The mower will mow in a spiral pattern until it reaches a 2m/78.7-inchcoverage radius, then the task is done.

4. Obstacle Avoidance

When collision happens in mowing, the mower will either turn around or maneuver around the obstacle. lf the mower turns around, it will mow the area behind the obstacle later.

5. Auto Recharge & Auto Resume Mowing

  • When the mower’s battery level falls below 15%, it will automatically return to thecharging station to recharge itself.
  • Once fully charged, the mower will automatically return to the area where the taskis interrupted to continue mowing the lawn.

6. Rain Detection

Upon detecting rainfall, the mower will stop mowing and automatically return to the charging station. lf the rain stopped, the mower will wait for 3 hours (preset delay) before resuming its mowing operation.

7. Edge Cut

After mowing the work area, the mower will cut along the boundary automatically.

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