How To Voice Control D2-BF Smart Locks Door Handle?

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How To Voice Control D2-BF Smart Locks Door Handle?

After connecting with the WiFi gateway, and following the instruction below,you can voice control the smart lock.

Applies to: Smonet Smart Locks Door Handle

Step 1: Go to your "Amazon Alexa" on your mobile phone, and find "Skills & Games" in the menu bar in the upper left corner.

D2 skills and games

Step 2: Search for “Next lock” or “TTLock”.

D2 search next lock

Step 3: Enable to use.

D2 enable to use

Step 4: Enter the login interface ( login info for Next lock or TTLock), hit "enable".

Note: If the login failed, please fill in the area code “+1” in front of phone number. No worries, It is normal that password you entered will automatically become out of order.

D2 enter the login interface

Step 5: Give Alexa the "discover" command, and the Locks option appears on the page.

D2 give alexa the discover command

Step 6: Enter the setting interface, authorize APP control and voice control, and then complete the matching after saving.

D2 authorize app control and voice control