How To Pair H1-BF Smart With Handle Lock To APP?

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How To Pair H1-BF Smart With Handle Lock To APP?

If smartphone app control is required, the door handle lock needs to be matched with the corresponding app first. You can follow the steps below.

Applies to: Smonet Smart With Handle Lock

1. Create an Account


  • Android: Search “Next lock” or “TTLock” in Google Play.
  • iOS: Search “Next lock” or “TTLock” in the App store.

Step 1: Tap "Register" to continue.

Step 2: Choose your Email or Phone number as your app account.

create an account

2. Pair Your Phone with the Smart Lock

Step 1: Tap "menu" icon.

tap menu icon

Step 2: Choose "Add lock".

choose add lock

Step 3: Tap "Next". Touch any keys to activate the lock and put it in pairing mode.

Step 4: Tap "+" to add lock(s).

tap add lock

Step 5: Name your lock.

3.Change the Admin Passcode

Once the lock and your phone are paired, the default administrator password 123456 is invalid.

Step 1: Tap Settings on the home page.

Step 2: Tap Basics.

Step 3: Tap Admin Passcode.

Step 4: Enter a 4-9 digit password.

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