How To Install H1-BF Smart Locks With Handle?

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How To Install H1-BF Smart Locks With Handle?

In this post-sale guide, We will show you how to install the Smonet Smart Lock and the steps it takes to install it.

Applies to: Smonet Smart Locks With Handle

Step 1: Install the Latch

1. If your door has a 60mm/2%" backset, you can install the latch without any adjustments.

2. For doors with a 70mm/ 2%"backset, pull the latch to extend its length.

install the latch

3. Insert the latch with its tongue facing inside if your door opens outward.Insert the latch with its tongue facing outside if your door opens inward.

4. Screw the latch with a Philips screwdriver (not provided).

h1 smart lock
H1 smart deadbolt

Note: Please ensure the center hole is square, not diamond-shaped.

Parts Required: Latch, Latch Screws, Philips Screwdriver.

Step 2: Install the Strike Plate

Put the strike pad into the door frame first, and then screw the strike plate in place.

H1 install the strike plate

Parts Required: Strike Plate, Strike Pad, Strike Screws, Philips Screwdriver.

Step 3: Adjust the Handle Direction

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws in the front and back handles.

smart lock with handle

2. Face the door from the outside.

Left hand door (Hinge on the left): Turn the Front handle to Left Turn the Back handle to Right.

Left hand door

Right hand door (Hinge on the right): Turn the Front handle to Right Turn the Back handle to Left.

right hand door

3. Tighten the screws to hold the handles in place.

tighten the screws

Step 4: Install the Exterior Assembly

1. Insert the spindle while pressing the spring pin.

H1 insert the spindle

2. Install the screw casings by turning them clockwise.

install the screw casings

3. Install the exterior assembly while passing the cable under the latch.

Part Required: Gold Screw Casing, Spindle, Exterior Assembly.

Step 5: Install the Mounting Plate

1. Pass the spindle through the center hole and cable through the top left hole.

2. Screw the mounting plate firmly while ensuring proper alignment.

install the mounting plate

Note: Please keep the exterior assembly straight when installing the mounting plate.

Parts Required: Mounting Plate, Mounting Plate Screws, Philips Screwdriver.

Step 6: Install the Interior Assembly

1. Connect the cable and put the excess part into the top left hole.

connect the cable

2. Screw the interior assembly.

screw the interior assembly

Parts Required: Interior Assembly, Interior Assembly Screws, Philips Screwdriver.

Step 7: Insert the Batteries

Note: Use new, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries only.

H1 insert the batteries