How Do I Setup The Lock Manually On The Keypad?

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How Do I Setup The Lock Manually On The Keypad?

If you don’t want to download an app to set the D2-BF black handle with lock, then you can just set the keypad lock manually.

Applies to: Smonet Black Handle With Lock

1. Change admin passcode: input "#12# + old admin code #+ new admin code #+ new admin code #" on the keypad.

2. Record fingerprint.

Step 1: Input "#80# + admin code #".

Step 2: Then cover the fingerprint sensor/reader for 4 times by your fingerprint while it accompanied by a short beep and blue light flash, success with a long beep, your fingerprint is added (green Light flash).

Step 3: Finally, just hit "#" key to the end.

3. Add new passcode: input "#80# + admin code # + new pas-d scode #+ new passcode #. Finally, just hit "#" key to the end.

4. Remove all fingerprints: input "#70#+admin passcode#" on the keypad.

5. Remove all passcodes except admin passcode: input "#71 #+ admin passcode #" on the keypad.

More info that you need to know:

1. Passage mode: Unlock it by passcode or fingerprint and then input "123#"on the keypad before it's locked automatically.

Note: Passage mode will be invalid if you hold the “#” key to lock or unlock it by fingerprint or passcode.

2. Anti-peep passcode: For example, if your code is 123456, you can still unlock the lock by inputting "random number+123456 random number #.

Note: Totally no more than 16 digits in length.

3. Lock security protection: 5 times incorrect attempts will be locked out for 3 minutes. However, you can unlock it through the administrator phone app.

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